On the 18th of November, this years NSTC1 (the first competition of the year)was held in our very own city, Maastricht. On Friday evening the first gymnasts from all over the country arrived. Our competition committee and many Saturnus volunteers helped to set up the hall for Saturday’s big competition.
Sinterklaas songs played as the gymnasts marched through the hall to start the competition. After countless flips, jumps, turns and rolls, the best gymnasts got a medal or in some cases, medals. Saturnus also managed to win several medals. Ilja van Bergen won the all- around in her division and silver on bars and floor, Bram Orbons won bronze on rings, Julia Roosenschoon won gold on vault and Denise Peeters won bronze on vault.
After the competition, we partied the night away Gabi’s Beer Bar to end this amazing event.

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