NSTBeach Day – Scheveningen

The competitions of this gymnastics’ season have ended, but that doesn’t mean the fun is not over!
There has been another meetup with some of our sister-associations of the NSTB as we went to the NSTBeachday in Scheveningen on the 3rd of June. After a short walk across the beach we could spot the one thing that connects us, the NSTB flag as it got freed of the breezeless sports halls and out onto the windy beach.
Even though the weather was not amazing, it was still warm and sunny enough to go shirtless (and get sunburned for some). We watched some of the Dutch championship free running with their amazing tricks. Now we wouldn’t be doing gymnastics if not for the fact that we can’t do that ourselves. A Frisbee, some yoga balls, and quite some effort later we had our own mini trampolines.
Despite the travel we’ve had a relaxing day at the beach, which is really all we could ask for. Definitely something to repeat next year. Or this year..

foto van M.S.T.V. Saturnus.